"Crossing Realities" - a photography exhibition curated by Sharaf Naghiyeva and Emin Mathers. The theme of the exhibition is to show the intersection of external and internal realities of the three authors. You are invited to experience optical illusions while observing photographers playing with perspective, space and your perception through their works.
Emin Mathers

To read the photograph made by Emin Mathers you should look at it as if it is not framed flat paper but watch the object in the frame as if it is in real life on a specific distance from you. Then another dimension appears and never fades.

In "Monotype Series" Emin uses frames not as a delimiter between the surrounding reality and the reality reflected in photograph, not as a border that needs to be destroyed or crossed, but as an integral part, a component of the artwork and by doing it he transforms two dimensions into three, and a flat object into a portal to another reality.
Chichek Bayramly and Leyla Musayeva

Photographers Chichek Bayramly and Leyla Musayeva are not working in a tandem. They observe surroundings in a similar way, their attention is dragged to similar manifestations of the space. It is how their realities cross and a new duet appears, which is so consonant and harmonious.
This exposition shows the transitions of local exteriors to rural aesthetic interiors, showing the connections and impacts to each other.
For Leyla in the beginning it was just documentation for her job, then it turned out as a long look at familiar things. She shows the beauty of the people and landscapes that she loves.

For Chichek it was a kind of escape from black and white reality of the city. The colors and the light of rural interiors as well as exteriors brought childhood memories, inspiration and new breath to her photographs.
In this exposition they share their point of view to old habitual simple elements but from the new angle and find beauty in it.
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