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29JUL - 17AUG
The exhibition which will be organized by the supervision of the F3.7 union of photographers will introduce you to the ecological situation from an aesthetic point of view. Contemporary photographers of Azerbaijan are talking about currently important issues of Earth's inhabitants who often ignore poignant facts of the existing ecological crisis. The organizers hope to bring out the feelings of awareness and concern about the latest ecological problems.

The exhibition talks about ecological problems from the aesthetic side. The viewer is suggested to see the situation from the different points of views of contemporary Azerbaijani photographers. The main message of the exhibition is that what is done to the ecology by human is done to mankind at the first place. The planet's what you make it.


10 Azerbaijani photographers sharing their observations
and points of view on ecological issues in the region.
Emin Mathers
was born in Baku in 1990. From 2009, during his last year in Architecture and Construction University he started to practice photography as a more realistic tool to share his observations. From that time photography became an adventure taken to explore the reality of life. Mathers works mostly in street photography to observe daily activities of citizens and conceptual photography to express conclusions about reality. He is working on photography stories with the media platforms such as and is a participant of Global Communication 2020 United Nation 75, as well as a finalist of London Street Photo Festival 2020.

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Lala Aliyeva
is a Baku-based documentary filmmaker and visual artist. She studied Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London. She produced several short documentaries, including her graduation project They Whisper but Sometimes Scream, 2019. The film had its world premier at Vision du Reel International Film Festival and Sheffield Doc/Fest. She was part of several group exhibitions, including "Things we sense about each other" at the Badische Kunstverein, Germany 2021. In her works she is interested in exploring the understanding of space and the relationship between the landscape and people.
Leyla Musayeva
was born in Sumgayit in 1991. Grew up in Baku. Studied architecture in Azerbaijan and Spain.
She lives in Baku and works as an architect mainly. Co-founder of Atelier "Pillə".
Her current work is mainly related to the research of different historic landscapes of her home country. Restoration and adaptation of historic cities/villages are the main focus currently. In parallel documentation (or photographing)of these landscapes became an alternative tool in understanding of her home land, its traditions , nature and people.
As for her, photography and filming seems to be a very interesting and understandable way to document and express various observations.

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Chichek Bayramly
was born in Ganja, 1993. In photography I try not to limit myself to genres, I shoot both portraits and abstract, sometimes street and documentary. The first photography project "Island in the mountains" was published within the framework of the grant program for women photographers of the Caucasus, organized by the Tbilisi Multimedia Museum in 2020. The first group exhibition organized by f3.7 union 'Crossing realities' was held in 2021 at Nur Art Gallery

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Sharaf Naghiyeva
is a portrait photographer based in Baku, Azerbaijan. The main theme of her photography is the Individual, self-expressed through portrait photography. With Emin Mathers, she has founded f3.7—a photographers' union. She is using photography as a mirror to reflect on her inner experiences. She has been exhibited on International Festival of Contemporary Art "Maiden Tower. To Be a Woman" - 2020 and a photography exhibition "A letter", 2021. Her photographs are in private collections in Baku, London, Berlin, Milan, etc. For Sharaf photography is the best form of communication and discovery.

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Zaur Mirzayev
I was born in Lachin in 1980.I have been engaged in photography since 2011 and since 2014 with professional photography. I have participated in many master classes, won competitions. My photographs have been published in several magazines as well as in National Geographic Azerbaijan magazine.
The photographs from the project "Minority nationalities" have been exhibited in many countries, including Paris and Cannes, France. In Baku Photography House - in the exhibition "Names", in the project "Factory" organized by Yarat Contemporary Art Center, etc.
Photos taken during the Second Karabakh War were published in foreign and local media.
Nurlan Babazadeh
was born in Sumgayit in 1994. He graduated from Baku Slavic University with a degree of Journalism. He was awarded as a "Young Photographer of the Year" by the Sumgayit Head Office of Youth and Sport. His works were exhibited as finalists in "IVAF" photo contest in Kolkata, India in 2013, 2015 and 2016. He participated in "Breaking the Ice" group exhibition during the Kolga photo festival in Tbilisi in 2017. In the same year he became a finalist of "Baku Photo" contest. He took part in "On the Road" group exhibition in Izmir in 2020. In that year his photos were published in "In Color" photo book of "Street Sweeper" magazine.
Tati Sattar
My name is Tati Sattar and I'm 23 years old. I was born and raised in Baku. I'm an economist by profession. However, I have always had a keen interest in art since my childhood, especially photography. I've always spent most of my energy and time taking pictures, thinking about new photo ideas, and learning something new about photography. The inspiration for making art could be almost everything: the street, nature, different stories of people, different traditions and etc. I like to capture unexpected moments of life instantly and also create new stories by myself or add my own approach to existing stories.
Orkhan Huseynov
was born in 1987 in Baku. He is producer and first AD on commercial shootings and filmmaking.
He started to photograph in 2013 and has developed his minimalistic style.
Kamil Abbaszadeh
Was born in Baku in 1995. Finished AUAC in 2016 as an architect, but preferred to change his profession to web developer because of his bigger interest in this field. His photography hobby started in 2019, when he bought his first analog camera - an old soviet rangefinder FED-5 and tried to take pictures on 35mm film. First results came very impressive and he made a decision to continue, trying to experiment with different lenses and films. Now he is shooting mostly street and portraits, trying to find unusual foreshortening, locations and people. As he says: "The magic of analog photography is that you can not see the result immediately. Also, having only maximum of 36 frames per roll gives you a big motivation for thinking about what you are going to shoot before pulling the camera trigger. And chemicals just do the all the rest.". He is proud that community of analog photography grows up annually, attracting much more people during our digital era.


Events in frames of
photography exhibition "DEFOCUSED"
29 JUL opening
The program of the exhibition "Defocused" is varied and will last for two weeks.
The opening of the exhibition will take place on July 29th at 19:00.
01 AUG "Salt of the Earth" movie screening
August 1st at 19:00 in frame of photography exhibition "Defocused" – "Salt of the Earth" film demonstration by a dutch classic Wim Wenders. Free entry.
12 AUG Talk with Bayram M about climate changes
As part of the DEFOCUSED exhibition, we study and update the ecological situation in the region with the work of contemporary photographers.

Our next meeting will be with an independent researcher, urbanist Bayram Akhundov.
In his one-hour short talk, Bayram will talk about the basic knowledge of modern world science about climate change and answer the question: "What do we need to know about climate change today?"

The lecture will take place at the Baku House of Photography.
18 AUG Closing day auction on Rotunda rooftop
"Rooftop photography charity auction"

Photo exhibition "Defocused " held in Baku Photography House on July 29 - August 15 talks about the environmental situation from an aesthetic point of view. The viewer sees the situation from different angles through the eyes of young generation of contemporary photographers of Azerbaijan. The main message of the exhibition is that everything that a person does with the environment, he primarily does to humanity, to ourselves.

The final part of the exhibition "Defocused" will be the auction, where you can enjoy DJ sets, wine, experience virtual exhibition and buy the photographs, thereby contributing to the to the ecological organization participating in solving ecological issues of the region.

The organizers of the event are Embassy of Latvia, F3.7 Union and "Platform Art" with support of Landmark.

The auction will be held in the rooftop of Rotunda, Landmark on AUG Tuesday 17th
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